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Wood is possibly the most attractive and popular siding material since it has been used for as long as siding existed. Some common wood types used in siding include panels, shingles, wood plants, and boards. 

If you’ve ever visited an old house, you will notice clapboard lap siding in it since it’s one of the oldest siding materials. Although wood is aesthetic, it’s quite costly and requires high maintenance. 

You can choose wood in different finishes, styles, and textures to make sure your home looks as perfect as you want. Additionally, you can choose to get the wood siding horizontally arranged too. 

Nowadays, wood is available in different textures and styles, such as channel groove and overlapping patterns. An important thing to know about wood is that it’s hard to install as a siding if there’s an existing siding on your property. 

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But there’s no need to fret; we’ll connect you with a siding contractor Knoxville TN for the job. Our partnered siding contractor Knoxville TN will effectively install the wood siding along with finishing it with stain or paint. 

Since wood is also prone to warping and insect damage, you might need repairs occasionally. In that case, give us a call, and we’ll connect you to a siding contractor Knoxville TN in your area.